Top 10 Most Scraped Websites in 2023 (2023)


Web scraping is the best data-collection method if you are looking to grab data on web pages. As capital flows around the globe through the Internet, web scraping is widely used among businesses, freelancers and researchers as it helps gather web data on a global basis, accurately and efficiently.

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Top 10 scraped websites

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We listed the top 10 most scraped websites here according to how frequently the Octoparse task templates were used. As you read along, you may come up with your own web scraping idea. Don’t worry if you are a newbie in web scraping! Octoparse offers pre-built templates for non-coders and you can start your scraping project.

What is web scraping?You may read this articleto get a sense of the technique. Also, you can find more details in this video:

Top 10 Most Scraped Websites in 2023 (1)

What is an Octoparse task template? For programmers, in order to scrape the web, they are able to write scripts and run it in Python or whatever ways. A task template is like an already written script and the only part you have to do is to figure out what data you want and enter the keywords/URLs on our task template interface.

Note:If you have any problem in the use of templates, please feel free to contact our support:


Top 10 Most Scraped Websites in 2023 (2)

  • Ecommerce sites are always the most scraped websites among others, both in frequency and quantity. As shopping online becomes a household lifestyle, ecommerce affects people in all walks of life. Online sellers, storefront retailers and even consumers are all ecommerce data collectors.
  • Directories sites earn the second rank in the race and this isn’t surprising at all. Directories sites organize businesses by categories thus serve as a functional information filter which is a good pick for efficient data collection. Many are scraping directories sites for contact information to boost their sales leads.
  • Social media incorporates a wealth of information concerning human opinions, emotions and daily actions. Generally speaking, scraping from social media sites is more challenging than from others. That is because many social media sites employ strong anti-scraping techniques in order to protect users’ privacy. Yet, social media still serves as an important source of information for sentiment analysis and all kinds of research.
  • Other sites fall into categories such as tourism, job board and search engine. In fact, people of all industries are taking advantage of the web scraping technique to exploit data value to service their interests.

Let’s get to the Top 10 list directly and check out which websites were most scraped in 2022 and how they are helpful for our data collectors!

TOP 10 Most Scraped Websites

Top 10. Mercadolibre

Mercadolibre may not be familiar to all but it is a household ecommerce marketplace in Latin American countries with Brazil as its largest contributor in revenue. The pandemic accelerates its growth and now the company is worth $63 billion on Nasdaq. It is depicted as “Latin America’s answer to China’s Alibaba” in the Financial Times.

(Video) BEST Lead List Scraping Tools (2023) found this site the most popular among our Spanish users and we formulated the ready-to-use template where users can enter the listing page URLs and get the product data: product name, price, detail page URL, image URLs, etc.

Top 09. Twitter

According to Statistics, there are around 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. With a great number of users, Twitter is not only a platform for socializing and sharing, but also becomes a perfect place for branding and marketing.

People are seeking data on Twitter for various reasons, namely industrial research, sentiment analysis, customer experience management, etc. And if you read this article about text mining Donald Trump’s tweets, you know tweets data can be used in more different ways.

Task templates for Twitter are widely consulted at our support center and we have delivered a good number of customizable templates for our customers. If you use pre-built templates on Octoparse, you can get post data or profile info from certain authors:

Top 8. Indeed

According to Indeed, the giant job board has received 175 million CVs in total. Seeking jobs online now is so natural that we barely remember how a traditional job fair looks like. Building a job aggregator, especially for niche markets, has become a profitable business in recent years. And guess how people do this? Yes, web scraping is the trick.

Job board builders are not the only people benefit from job sites data. Human Resources professionals, job-seekers, to-be job hoppers, researchers focused on recruitment and job markets are all eager for jobs data. If you are seeking a job, having a big picture of the market always helps with your bargain.

Here is the Indeed sample data captured with Octoparse and actually there are more to explore:

Top 7. Tripadvisor

Travel industry has seen a blow during the pandemic and now the recovery is happening. The need to scrape tourism websites could bounce up as well. While why would people scrape websites like, tripadvisor, Airbnb? One of the examples could be service agents who offer integrated service for tourists, including ticketing, hotel/restaurant booking.

Web scraping is also widely used for price comparison and this is how smart people build price comparison sites to service the public. If you try, you may build a price comparison site for flight tickets to help tourists book the most economic one!

Octoparse’s Tripadvisor template is available both in English and Spanish versions and the data sample below shows hotel details on Tripadvisor.

Top 6. Google

With its super machine learning algorithm, Google could be the robot who knows everybody better than their families and friends. That’s all about data. From an individual’s perspective, what can we get from Google?

(Video) The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make When Web Scraping

SEO marketers may be the bunch of people most interested in Google search. They scrape Google search results to monitor a set of keywords, to gather TDK (short for Title, Description, Keywords: metadata of a web page that shows on the result list and has critical influence on the click-through rate) information for a SEO optimization strategy.

In addition to google search result extraction, Octoparse offer template for Google Map as well. Enter the URL of the search result page, Octoparse will get you well-organized data of the related stores.

Top 5. Yellowpages

According to Wikipedia,, also known as “YP”, was founded in 1996 and over decades of development, the site has developed into the most well-known directory web site and hosts 60 million visitors per month.

Well, in the eyes of web scraping people, yellowpages is the perfect place to gather contact information and addresses of businesses based on location. If you are a retailer and finding competitors in your area is as simple as a few clicks. If you are a salesman and looking to generate sales leads efficiently? Check out this story and you will know what I am talking about.

Below screenshot shows what data Octoparse template can get for you: shop name, rating, address, phone number, etc. And the data can be exported into forms like Excel, CSV and JSON. Inspired by the sample data below? Check out this leads generation with web scraping step by step guide.

Top 4. Yelp

Same as, Yelp can get you businesses data based on location. And there’s more. When you are travelling around and a question pops up in your mind: who has the best pizza in the city? That’s where Yelp comes into the scene. Yelp serves not only as a business directory but also a free consultant for consumers in food-hunting, home services and who are looking for a good massage.

That’s about ranking and reviews, which is gold data for businesses. Those scraping Yelp are capitalizing on the reviews and ranking data to get an idea of what their business looks like in a customer’s eye and also for competition analysis.

>>You may interested in this video: Scrape from Yelp SIMPLE & EASY

Top 3. Walmart

If you are interested in the retail business landscape, this article from Vox has portrayed an image of how retailers use data to track every move of their customers in order to promote sales. While the real thing is that data is also used to form a transparent market and serve shoppers’ interests.

Price comparison sites are generated under the work of web scraping. Walmart can be one of the targets to scrape from as its slogan reads “Save Money Live better”. That’s one of the reasons people are scraping from Walmart. For retailers and groceries, Walmart is also an important source of information to get the product data for a market research.

(Video) This Loophole Helps Me Scrape ANY Website with ChatGPT | Web Scraping with ChatGPT

>>Check out this guide to scrape from Walmart

Top 2. eBay

Ecommerce websites are always those most popular websites for web scraping and eBay is definitely one of them. We have many users running their own businesses on eBay and getting data from eBay is an important way to keep track of their competitors and follow the market trend.

There is a customer story mostly impressive to me. The customer is an eBay seller and he is diligently scraping data from eBay and other ecommerce marketplaces regularly, building up his own database across time for in-depth market research.

>>If you are interested in using Octoparse eBay template, check this out: Scraping from eBay guide and if you are confident to build your own crawler on Octoparse, this video can guide you through the crawler building process.

Top 1. Amazon

Yesit is not surprising that Amazonranks the most scraped website. Amazon is taking the giant shares in the ecommerce business which means that Amazon data is the most representative for any kind of market research. It has the largest database.

While, getting ecommerce data faces challenges. The biggest challenge for scraping Amazon could be the captcha and we get it handled. Captcha is a way to prevent the site’s from crashing as too many are craving for Amazon data and frequent scraping can overload the servers. Octoparse employs cloud extraction and IP rotation which can perfectly nail it.

Scraping from Amazon can give you data for all below purposes:

      1. Price tracking
      2. Competition analysis
      3. MAP monitoring
      4. Product selection
      5. Sentiment analysis

>>More to know about why scraping ecommerce websites

Using Octoparse Amazon template, you can gather product data like ASIN, star rating, price, color, style, reviews and more.

Final Thoughts

Data is the new oil while without a handy tool, not everyone is able to exploit the value out of it. Octoparse is working to make data more easily accessible to the public whether they can code or not. In this way, all of us can get a hand on the needed data and create value for the world through data analysis.

(Video) How to scrape similarweb (no code 2023)

If you are interested in generating original opinions and just lack the data to back you, get your data!

Author: Cici

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