15 Alpha Male Traits – Characteristics of Real Alpha Males (2023)

15 Alpha Male Traits – Characteristics of Real Alpha Males (1)

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In the male social hierarchy, alpha males are at the top spot. Every man wants to be an alpha male, but only a few genuinely exhibit the characteristics that make them one. Are you wondering what the alpha male traits are and how you can become one?

This article teaches you all you need to know about becoming an alpha male and the qualities that you need to possess.

Who is an alpha male?

An alpha male is a powerful and inspirational individual who sits at the top of the social hierarchy.

Other men, like the betas, gammas, and omegas, look up to the alpha because of his influence and command. So naturally, an alpha finds it easy to win people over to his side because of his extroverted and charismatic personality.

To learn more about alpha males, check out this research by P.H Hawley and other authors, which explores the new look at dominance-related behaviors and beliefs among adolescent males and females.

How to become an alpha male?

Becoming an alpha male is quite simple. All you have to do is apply some tips that make them stand out. Some of these tips are being assertive and having good communication skills.

An alpha male is also a people person; he is excellent at maintaining relationships, making it easy for him to influence people.

What attracts alpha males?

Most times, alpha males are attracted to strong-willed and independent people, some of whom might be their partners in the future. They want to be around people who know what they want and are not scared to get them.

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Even though an alpha likes caring for people, he loves it when you put in the effort to look after yourself.

What are the signs of a real alpha male?

One of the alpha male traits is his humility. He does not allow his achievements to get into his head. Also, he is always willing to help people out and encourage them to stand up to their fears.

An alpha male is usually well-groomed, has excellent communication skills, is a good leader, works out regularly, and is passionate about making society better.

John Alexander’s book contains valuable tips on the signs of a real alpha male and how to become one. His book is titled How to Become an Alpha Male, helping men attract women and become great at seduction.

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15 essential alpha male traits

You might have seen some stereotypic traits of alpha males on social media or TV, but it would interest you to note that they may not be suitably represented.

Here are some alpha male traits that help you identify or know if you are.

1. He does not run from challenges

When identifying the alpha male personality type, it is important to note that they do not avoid challenges. If they are faced with difficult moments, they tackle them head-on till they find a solution.

An alpha male believes that challenges will make him a better and more resilient individual. If other men are discouraged by these challenges, an alpha male is not.

2. He is not proud

One of the untrue alpha male traits is pride. A true alpha male is humble because he does not use his status to oppress people. Instead, he should use it for a good cause.

For example, an alpha male does not allow his success and achievements to get into his head. This means he will still communicate with others below him like they are equals. Doing this makes the alpha male a loveable leader everyone wants to follow.

3. He is determined

When it comes to achieving goals, one of the characteristics of an alpha male is working towards achieving them.

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An alpha male loves to set goals and meet them. If they experience any roadblock, they strategize and try other means to meet those goals. He is always self-motivated to smash his goals and set bigger goals.

4. He is a born leader

Being a natural leader is one of the traits of an alpha male. He loves to be in charge of situations where people are unwilling to volunteer. He can easily inspire people because of his superior mindset that many people don’t have.

Most alpha males are at the helm of affairs in organizations and politics because of their remarkable leadership qualities. You can also include leadership as alpha male traits in bed to look out for.

5. He knows his weaknesses

One of the qualities of an alpha male is that he knows his flaws. You cannot find an alpha male denying his weaknesses.

An alpha male knows that being aware of your flaws is strength. Therefore, they work towards making their flaws strengths in the long run. They also check in with trusted friends and acquaintances to know whether they are getting better.

6. He works out

An alpha male knows that health is wealth. So when it comes to working out or staying physically active, it is one of the alpha male traits.

An alpha male has made working out his lifestyle. He needs it to remain healthy and also boost his self-esteem. It is important to mention that staying active helps the alpha male to remain calm in turbulent situations.

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7. He is honest

Honesty is one of the alpha male traits. An alpha male knows that no one would punish him for telling the truth, so he remains honest regardless.

Alpha men are also great at being sincere, even if it is hurtful. However, they try to be diplomatic so that you don’t feel bad about it, and at the same time, you will learn the necessary lessons.

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8. He knows how to manage his emotions

Everyone has emotions, but only some people are great at mastering their emotions. Alpha males have a high emotional intelligence quotient. This is what makes them get along with people.

The alpha male personality knows how to manage their emotions; this is why they don’t have outbursts. They can read people’s emotions and relate with them without causing a fuss.

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Watch this video on how to manage your emotions:

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9. He is well-groomed

It is easy to spot an alpha male among several men because of the way he carries himself. If you want to know how to act like an alpha male, your physical appearance has to be in top gear. Alpha males wear good cologne and clean clothes, and their hygiene is top-notch.

They also have a good command of their body language and use it to communicate properly. Alpha has a great posture, a firm handshake, good eye contact, etc.

10. He cares about his loved ones

Taking care of his loved ones is one of the key signs of alpha males. You cannot see an alpha male who is not protective of those he cares about. He does everything to ensure that they are safe and cared for.

15 Alpha Male Traits – Characteristics of Real Alpha Males (5)

Anyone who tries to pick on an alpha male’s loved ones might see his aggressive side because he is fiercely protective.

11. He is great with communication

Good communication skills are one of the alpha male traits. This is one of the attributes that attract other people to him.

An alpha male enjoys conversing with people and keeping them engaged. While they talk, they exude charisma and confidence. They also know when and how to listen when other people are speaking.

12. He is good at saying “no”

One of the alpha male traits is saying “no” when he is not up for something.

He understands that sometimes, he has to inconvenience himself so that other people will be happy. However, if it gets to a point where people need his input for selfish reasons, he will politely decline without any hard feelings. He is a selfless man who does not rub the back of selfish people.

13. He is assertive

Assertiveness is one of the answers to the question of what is alpha male personality.

Unlike the passive beta male, the alpha male has a good sense of self-awareness, and he is always determined to get what he wants. This means he is not afraid to set boundaries and inform people when they cross them.

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14. He wants a genuine connection

Seeking solid and authentic connections is one of the alpha male traits. He does not crave validation from people because he knows his worth. Instead, he wants to connect with people and build good relationships. If he allows people into his life, he wants a casual, healthy relationship.

15. He always wants to get better

An alpha male is not always satisfied with his status quo. He is always looking for means to improve and remain an asset to society.

15 Alpha Male Traits – Characteristics of Real Alpha Males (6)

Unlike beta males who are satisfied with mediocrity, an alpha male wants to be the best at what he does. So, he frowns at any sign of being average in his life.

To learn more about the traits of an alpha male, read Marco Angelo’s book, Alpha Male. This book is an exhaustive guide that teaches you how to be an irresistible alpha male.

In a nutshell

The alpha male traits in this article point to the fact that this category of men is individuals without any toxic attributes. They are at peace with everyone, set clear boundaries, influence society positively, and seek to build healthy relationships.

If you need help adopting some of these traits, you can see a counselor to help out. You can also take a course on becoming an alpha male.

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